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Salinox was established in 1991 and started its activity in the field of metal constructions, producing aluminum frames and creating stainless steel constructions, shelters, stairs, patios, shop windows and special constructions.

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  • Aluminum skylights

    Aluminum skylights

    Double structural glazing, aluminum frame with thermal break, electromechanical operation.
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  • Folding glass doors

    Folding glass doors

    Parking-type, each pane is pulled away and parked into a separate designated, pre-planned area. / Accordion type, top-hung.
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  • Glass railing

    Glass railing

    Glassboard mounting system without the need of vertical supporting components for the formation of glass railings onto final flooring or parapet.
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  • Guillotine windows

    Guillotine windows

    Retractable glass window. Automated or manual operation. One or two moveable panes.
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  • Swing glass doors

    Swing glass doors

    Glass doors are an excellent design solution for spaces that need to move beyond the usual decorative framework.
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  • Windbreak panels

    Windbreak panels

    Fixed pane and retractable windbreak systems, ideal for the protection of exterior spaces, such as cafeterias.
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  • Sliding glass doors

    Sliding glass doors

    A sliding glass door is usually considered a single unit consisting of two pane sections, one fixed and one moveable.
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  • Shower Cabins

    Shower Cabins

    Elegant aluminum profile, placed on the opening’s perimeter, entirely adjustable to the intended space’s dimensions and particularities.
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  • Swing glass doors

    Swing glass doors

    Flexible glass doors that reduce the space required on the side to which the door opens.
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Terrace access

Terrace access

SALIBOX is an ideal choice for those looking for easy access to terrace.

ERGONOMICS: At the push of a button, the movable part slides onto the fixed part, creating a comfortable entrance while saving valuable space. The particularity of the construction lies in the simultaneous movement of the upper and front glazing, as this frees up the height to create an entrance door.

DESIGN FLEXIBILITY: The SALIBOX is made to order, according to the dimensions of the building opening. The system can be made either entirely out of glass – that is, to be glass on all four vertical sides, or to integrate the system between the existing walls of the building. In cases where the width of the building opening exceeds the maximum dimensions in which it is safe to construct a single pane of glass, the width is divided into individual sections. For example, it can divide the width into three, creating a comfortable entrance of one meter, and divide the remaining part into two fixed parts.

DYNAMIC DESIGN: High-strength materials - aluminum and glass - withstand the passage of time and offer safety and protection of the space. The aluminum sections used are pre-painted with electrostatic "powder" paint in any RAL shade. Double, energy-efficient glass panes are used: The outer pane is tempered and energy-efficient, while the inner pane is laminated.

DESIGN DETAILS: The upper and front panes of the system are manufactured using the structural method. This means that the glass panel is at the same level as the aluminum profile. This contributes both to the protection of the roof from possible water ingress, and to maintaining the cleanliness of the system.

HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT: At the same time as using the SALIBOX as an entrance to the roof, we also enjoy the advantages of an opening skylight. It is known that the use of available natural lighting and outside air in buildings improves the quality of life and the psychology of people. Moreover, outside air penetrates the space acting as a natural cooling essential for good health - especially since we spend most of our time indoors.

PLEASANT ATMOSPHERE: The SALIBOX contributes to the correct distribution of light on the lower floors, by using reflective glass, thus creating conditions of visual comfort and contributing to the improvement of the aesthetics of the space.


Introduce natural light & fresh air into the core of a building

Introduce natural light & fresh air into the core of a building

 With the use of a glass roof, buildings can gain natural ventilation and daylight wherever we wish, even in rooms that cannot - due to architectural limitations - have windows.

Through the glass roof of the atrium, the visitor's gaze is drawn upwards, giving the feeling of outdoor space.

We create bright and inviting interior spaces with natural ventilation. The clean atmosphere of the space is particularly important, especially in crowded areas.

Using a glass sliding ceiling is one of the most efficient ways to reduce the massive need for space cooling in hot climates.

Low-emissivity glass reflects infrared solar radiation , while ensuring the visibitity.

The use of natural ventilation can reduce the overall number of hours of air conditioning.

Aluminum skylights combine deisign and function to offer natural light and air for commercial buildings.

Glass roofs are an ideal choice in office spaces, educational facilities, but also in public and commercial spaces.


 Project: ''The Editor'' Hotel, Athens

T-SR sliding roof

Living with light & natural air

Living with light & natural air

The use of glass in buildings offers unpretentious elegance and modern aesthetics. Regardless of the style of decoration we choose, the incorporation of glass surfaces upgrades the property, giving it an authentic sense of luxury.

As there are innumerable options regarding the application of architectural glass for both homes and businesses, the preference of a glass roof seems to be the top one.

Plenty of options available regarding glass ceilings that can be fixed but also sliding, inclined, polygonal, pyramidal and even straight, with single, double or even triple panes of glass, what is certain is that the basic construction material of our roof cannot it is other than aluminum.

And while fixed ceilings have been used for many decades, the most modern proposal, in which the most advantages are found, is none other than the sliding ceilings.

Let's see below the available alternative options regarding sliding glass ceiling systems, so that we can choose according to the needs of our space:

Glass movable roof with thermal break
Use: In areas where the passage of natural light and air through the roof is desired. The energy-efficient design of the roof makes it an ideal solution even for residential interiors.
Function: By pressing the button the movable frames are dragged and parked under the fixed ones.
Features: Aluminum frame with thermal break and electric mechanism. It can have double or triple glazing with a thickness of 30 or 50 millimeters.
Full opening Sliding Roof
Use: In areas where the full opening of the roof is desired. It is mainly recommended for large building openings, such as a swimming pool cover.
Features: Single, double or triple glazing, aluminum frame, electric mechanism.

Salinox glass ceilings are designed and manufactured entirely in Greece. With more than 30 years of dynamic presence in the field of glass constructions, the design team of Salinox will give you the most modern and personalized proposals for the harmonious and ergonomic integration of the glass ceiling in every space.

 Aluminum Skylights

Retractable glass roof Dome

Retractable glass roof Dome

Sliding skylight in the form of a dome, made of aluminum profiles and glasses.

The glass panes are supported by aluminum profiles (transverse) shaped with degrees to create the feeling of the dome.

Thus, during the movement of the roof, the sliding part will shift, leaving the building opening uncovered.


The aluminum profiles are pre-painted with electrostatic "powder" paint in RAL color.

The mechanism consists of a cylindrical motor, metal chain, metal rollers and all necessary transmission components.

The system has double panes of total thickness of 30mm with the following composition: The outer pane of 6mm thickness is tempered and low-e. The internal glazing is laminated and consists of two 4mm thick glass panes bonded with a 0.38mm thick PVB film.

With the use of the glass, retractable roof, the hotel lobby gets natural lighting throughout the day.
At the same time, with the opening of the roof, the possibility of natural ventilation of the space is given.

 Retractable Roof

Glass opening roof on a tiled roof

Glass opening roof on a tiled roof

Thanks to Salinox's many years of experience, the T-SR glass roof system was integrated into a tiled roof, creating a large roof window inside the residence. The aluminum transoms were extended so that when the roof is opened, the glazing is hidden under the tiled roof, freeing up the entire opening.
F4 thermo folding doors were installed on three sides around the perimeter of the living room, which can be stored aside. In this way, the living room turns into a semi-outdoor space. The F4 thermo folding system has thermo-insulated aluminum profiles and double, energy-saving glass and thus ensures the required energy efficiency.

The sliding glass roof T-SR is certified in waterproofing, air permeability and resistance to wind loads. Thus, it covers all the necessary specifications for its application in indoor spaces. Thermal break aluminum profiles provide thermal insulation, reducing energy costs and protecting the environment. The glass roof has energy efficient glazing, thus helping to protect the building from weather conditions, while at the same time protecting us from solar radiation.
By applying the Salinox T-SR glass roof, an unobstructed view is offered and the space is flooded with light. At the same time, the roof can open and enjoy the beneficial properties of fresh air that is precious for our health. Its timeless and minimal design contributes to its perfect integration into any architectural style.

Project: Residence in Kavouri, Attiki, Greece

Sliding Skylight T-SR



F.O.S. glazed opening roof

F.O.S. glazed opening roof

Project: Residence in Paiania, Greece