Renowned for its innovative approach and its elegant products, Salinox today has a leading role in the market. It is one of the largest, most dynamic companies in the field, with a complete, fully integrated production line, which creates whatever is needed for a projects that involves aluminum and glass.

Most of the company’s growth coincides with the development of innovative solutions in the field of metal constructions. Drawing from many years of experience, Salinox cre­ated products that changed, and redefined the nature and the direction of the market. These numerous design innovations are mostly hidden in the details, but it is the detail that has to change to achieve both elegance and a precious practical solution to a common problem. 

Salinox’s constant presence in the international market, as well as its cautious, targeted growth strategy, have  deemed the company an innovator on an international level, with exports and a network of partners in more than 40 countries worldwide. 

Salinox’s products keep drawing the market’s attention. The company’s team is constantly scanning the construction field’s needs, and taking advantage of its experience, it keeps developing its products, adapt its models and materialized innovative ideas, creating new solutions for every design need. The company’s participation in exhibitions is therefore considered a given, promoting its innovation and distinguished design worldwide.