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Movable glass partitions

Folding glass doors F1

Usage: Ideal option for relatively narrow spans
Operation: Accordion type, top-hung. By pulling the first pane, the rest follow. Smooth, effortless pane movement along the ceiling track guide and the system’s hinges.
Characteristics: Tempered glass (10mm), held together using hinges, ...

Folding glass doors F2

Usage: Ideal for large openings, up to 3m in height.
Operation: Parking-type, each pane is pulled away and parked in a separate area.
Characteristics: Tempered glass (10mm), use of designated, pre-planned parking area, no bottom guide, no aluminum frames, polycarbonate insulation ...

Folding glass doors F6 w

Usage: Mainly suitable for small building openings.
Functionality: Folding door accordion-type system – panes connected with hinges, pulling one away the rest follow.
Characteristics: Tempered glazing (10mm thick), connections with hinges, no aluminum framing, no floor rail driver, ...

Folding glass doors F6

Usage: Suitable for mostly smaller building openings.
Operation: Glass folding door with parking – every pane can be removed and parked in a preplanned area.
Characteristics: Tempered glazing (10mm), use of parking, no floor guide, no aluminum frames, polycarbonate joint covers, ...

Folding glass door F5

Usage: Ideal for both small and large openings, in places where there are no particular demands for insulation
Operation: Parking-type folding door system – each pane is pulled away and parked into a separate designated, pre-planned area.
Characteristics: Tempered glazing, 10mm in ...

Folding glass doors FB fr

Usage: Suitable for the enclosure of balconies and verandas on parapets.
Operation: Panes are slid and parked on the opening’s side – vertically to the opening.
Characteristics: Tempered glazing 10mm in thickness, floor rail guide, aluminum frames, polycarbonic joint covers, insulation ...

Folding glass doors FB cr

Usage: Suitable for balcony and veranda coverage, on parapet.
Function: Panes are pulled away and parked vertically on the side of the installation.
Characteristics: Tempered glazing (10mm thick), floor track rail guide, no aluminum framing, polycarbonate joint-covers, insulation with ...

Folding glass doors F7

Usage: Suitable for many occasions – mainly for openings of relatively low height (<280cm).
Functionality: Folding door system with parking space – every pane is removed and stored in a designated area.
Characteristics: Tempered glazing (10mm thick), parking usage, no floor rail guide, ...