3D Photorealistic Rendering of a gaming store

Salinox's proposal includes a perimeter closure of the store's outdoors with F7 and FBcr folding systems as well as sliding glass screens MW40. This solution will significantly upgrade the existing space, while at the same time providing protection from cold and wind. In the summer months the doors can be easily stored side by side, allowing the space to cool freely.


On the front, we recommend the installation of glass windbreak systems up to the middle of the side, where flower pots will be placed. The rest of the section will be closed with folding glasses that will easily be stored on the side, leaving free entry to the shop.

 On the right side of the courtyard, in front of the stone wall, we recommend the installation of the F7 folding system.


On the left side, we recommend fitting the FBcr system that is ideal for low-height openings, as it has a guide on the bottom that rests on the existing parapet.