Glass opening roof on a tiled roof

Thanks to Salinox's many years of experience, the T-SR glass roof system was integrated into a tiled roof, creating a large roof window inside the residence. The aluminum transoms were extended so that when the roof is opened, the glazing is hidden under the tiled roof, freeing up the entire opening.
F4 thermo folding doors were installed on three sides around the perimeter of the living room, which can be stored aside. In this way, the living room turns into a semi-outdoor space. The F4 thermo folding system has thermo-insulated aluminum profiles and double, energy-saving glass and thus ensures the required energy efficiency.


The sliding glass roof T-SR is certified in waterproofing, air permeability and resistance to wind loads. Thus, it covers all the necessary specifications for its application in indoor spaces. Thermal break aluminum profiles provide thermal insulation, reducing energy costs and protecting the environment. The glass roof has energy efficient glazing, thus helping to protect the building from weather conditions, while at the same time protecting us from solar radiation.
By applying the Salinox T-SR glass roof, an unobstructed view is offered and the space is flooded with light. At the same time, the roof can open and enjoy the beneficial properties of fresh air that is precious for our health. Its timeless and minimal design contributes to its perfect integration into any architectural style.

Project: Residence in Kavouri, Attiki, Greece

Sliding Skylight T-SR