Retractable glass roof Dome

Sliding skylight in the form of a dome, made of aluminum profiles and glasses.

The glass panes are supported by aluminum profiles (transverse) shaped with degrees to create the feeling of the dome.

Thus, during the movement of the roof, the sliding part will shift, leaving the building opening uncovered.


The aluminum profiles are pre-painted with electrostatic "powder" paint in RAL color.

The mechanism consists of a cylindrical motor, metal chain, metal rollers and all necessary transmission components.

The system has double panes of total thickness of 30mm with the following composition: The outer pane of 6mm thickness is tempered and low-e. The internal glazing is laminated and consists of two 4mm thick glass panes bonded with a 0.38mm thick PVB film.


With the use of the glass, retractable roof, the hotel lobby gets natural lighting throughout the day.
At the same time, with the opening of the roof, the possibility of natural ventilation of the space is given.

 Retractable Roof