Living with light & natural air

The use of glass in buildings offers unpretentious elegance and modern aesthetics. Regardless of the style of decoration we choose, the incorporation of glass surfaces upgrades the property, giving it an authentic sense of luxury.

As there are innumerable options regarding the application of architectural glass for both homes and businesses, the preference of a glass roof seems to be the top one.

Plenty of options available regarding glass ceilings that can be fixed but also sliding, inclined, polygonal, pyramidal and even straight, with single, double or even triple panes of glass, what is certain is that the basic construction material of our roof cannot it is other than aluminum.

And while fixed ceilings have been used for many decades, the most modern proposal, in which the most advantages are found, is none other than the sliding ceilings.


Let's see below the available alternative options regarding sliding glass ceiling systems, so that we can choose according to the needs of our space:

Glass movable roof with thermal break
Use: In areas where the passage of natural light and air through the roof is desired. The energy-efficient design of the roof makes it an ideal solution even for residential interiors.
Function: By pressing the button the movable frames are dragged and parked under the fixed ones.
Features: Aluminum frame with thermal break and electric mechanism. It can have double or triple glazing with a thickness of 30 or 50 millimeters.
Full opening Sliding Roof
Use: In areas where the full opening of the roof is desired. It is mainly recommended for large building openings, such as a swimming pool cover.
Features: Single, double or triple glazing, aluminum frame, electric mechanism.


Salinox glass ceilings are designed and manufactured entirely in Greece. With more than 30 years of dynamic presence in the field of glass constructions, the design team of Salinox will give you the most modern and personalized proposals for the harmonious and ergonomic integration of the glass ceiling in every space.

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