Introduce natural light & fresh air into the core of a building

 With the use of a glass roof, buildings can gain natural ventilation and daylight wherever we wish, even in rooms that cannot - due to architectural limitations - have windows.

Through the glass roof of the atrium, the visitor's gaze is drawn upwards, giving the feeling of outdoor space.


We create bright and inviting interior spaces with natural ventilation. The clean atmosphere of the space is particularly important, especially in crowded areas.

Using a glass sliding ceiling is one of the most efficient ways to reduce the massive need for space cooling in hot climates.

Low-emissivity glass reflects infrared solar radiation , while ensuring the visibitity.

The use of natural ventilation can reduce the overall number of hours of air conditioning.


Aluminum skylights combine deisign and function to offer natural light and air for commercial buildings.

Glass roofs are an ideal choice in office spaces, educational facilities, but also in public and commercial spaces.


 Project: ''The Editor'' Hotel, Athens

T-SR sliding roof