Terrace access

SALIBOX is an ideal choice for those looking for easy access to terrace.


ERGONOMICS: At the push of a button, the movable part slides onto the fixed part, creating a comfortable entrance while saving valuable space. The particularity of the construction lies in the simultaneous movement of the upper and front glazing, as this frees up the height to create an entrance door.

DESIGN FLEXIBILITY: The SALIBOX is made to order, according to the dimensions of the building opening. The system can be made either entirely out of glass – that is, to be glass on all four vertical sides, or to integrate the system between the existing walls of the building. In cases where the width of the building opening exceeds the maximum dimensions in which it is safe to construct a single pane of glass, the width is divided into individual sections. For example, it can divide the width into three, creating a comfortable entrance of one meter, and divide the remaining part into two fixed parts.


DYNAMIC DESIGN: High-strength materials - aluminum and glass - withstand the passage of time and offer safety and protection of the space. The aluminum sections used are pre-painted with electrostatic "powder" paint in any RAL shade. Double, energy-efficient glass panes are used: The outer pane is tempered and energy-efficient, while the inner pane is laminated.

DESIGN DETAILS: The upper and front panes of the system are manufactured using the structural method. This means that the glass panel is at the same level as the aluminum profile. This contributes both to the protection of the roof from possible water ingress, and to maintaining the cleanliness of the system.

HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT: At the same time as using the SALIBOX as an entrance to the roof, we also enjoy the advantages of an opening skylight. It is known that the use of available natural lighting and outside air in buildings improves the quality of life and the psychology of people. Moreover, outside air penetrates the space acting as a natural cooling essential for good health - especially since we spend most of our time indoors.

PLEASANT ATMOSPHERE: The SALIBOX contributes to the correct distribution of light on the lower floors, by using reflective glass, thus creating conditions of visual comfort and contributing to the improvement of the aesthetics of the space.