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Modern coffee bar in Loutaki with beautiful view to the sea. Two systems, a sliding and retractable RW60 have already been installed on the upper floor. On the ground floor we recommend the installation of F4 folding doors with double glazing. In the photorealistic illustrations we see how the space will be after the installation of the glass roof and the folding doors F2. The store will be able to accommodate even more tables during the winter months, while keeping the magnificent sea views and modern architectural design. 

windbreak panel

Fixed, glass windbreak system, specially designed for the enclosure of outdoor spaces – most typically restaurants. It comes with an embedded iron box which can be used as a flower pot or as seating. The device employs wheels which allow it to be removed and repositioned with ease. It is made of aluminum and glass – 8 to 10mm thick. The flower-pot is made of galvanized iron.

Salinox's proposal includes a perimeter closure of the store's outdoors with F7 and FBcr folding systems as well as sliding glass screens MW40. This solution will significantly upgrade the existing space, while at the same time providing protection from cold and wind. In the summer months the doors can be easily stored side by side, allowing the space to cool freely.

Structural molding chamber for concrete substrates that creates a chamber of 124x36mm in size, in which 38mm thick glassboards can be placed. Is made of heavy type 130x54mm aluminum profile that is embedded into the concrete. The system bears a removable lid which can be easily removed in order to keep the inner chamber intact. The glass-boards are secured with rubber gaskets, providing stability and excellent behavior against temperature changes.

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