Modern coffee bar in Loutaki with beautiful view to the sea. Two systems, a sliding and retractable RW60 have already been installed on the upper floor. On the ground floor we recommend the installation of F4 folding doors with double glazing. In the photorealistic illustrations we see how the space will be after the installation of the glass roof and the folding doors F2. The store will be able to accommodate even more tables during the winter months, while keeping the magnificent sea views and modern architectural design. 

Salinox proposes the installation of a glass opening roof in combination with retractable systems in a traditional residence in Greece. Both the Euphoria roof and the RW100-T guillotines are manufactured with thermally insulated aluminum profiles and double-glazed panels to keep the space completely protected from cold or heat. The systems operate electrically, providing complete ergonomics.

Salinox's proposal includes a perimeter closure of the store's outdoors with F7 and FBcr folding systems as well as sliding glass screens MW40. This solution will significantly upgrade the existing space, while at the same time providing protection from cold and wind. In the summer months the doors can be easily stored side by side, allowing the space to cool freely.

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