Glass retractable window

The RW40 DUO system, consists of 4 glassboards, two fixed and another two sliding ones. Lifting the upper pane, also moves the lower pane, uncovering half of the opening’s surface. The system combines high functionality and elegant design. The vertical aluminum profiles are 40x80mm in size, while the thickness of the glassboards are 10mm. The SD18 is suitable for both commercial and residential spaces.

Sliding door

The SD18 system consists of three glass-boards that are slide along a perimetrical aluminum profile. The system allows the glassboards to slide in both directions of the horizontal axis. The dimensions of the triple track aluminum guide is 18x19mm, while the glass clamping profiles are 50mm. The system uses 10mm thick crystals, on which knobs of a wide range can be installed. On the vertical sides are installed aluminum profiles with brushes.

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