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Adjustment without opening the case. Quickly put together with only 4 screws. Two independent oil
circulation networks for the adjustment of the closing speed: one for angles 115° to15°, and from15° to 0°.
Thermal stability upon order for constant volume in case of temperature flactuation, as well as for doors
weighing more than 350kg. Factory settings cover 90% of doors while another two adjustments cover the
rest. Selectable spindle. Ideal for extremely demanding environments.
20Ím (light)
25Nm (medium)
33Nm (heavy)
mhxanismos-epanaforas-gyalinhs-portas-speedy m25-texnika1
mhxanismos-epanaforas-gyalinhs-portas-speedy m25-texnika2
mhxanismos-epanaforas-gyalinhs-portas-speedy m25-texnika3


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