Glass windbreak system WB 30 FP

Usage: In outdoor spaces in need of perimetrical enclosure with separators, which can be removed with ease.

Characteristics: Tempered glazing, 8mm thick, discreet aluminum profiles.

Basic dimensions: Aluminum columns 30mm x 60mm in size. Flower-pot dimensions: 30cm deep, 55 cm high (as measured from ground).
Glass windbreak system WB 30 FP


Product description

Fixed, glass windbreak system, specially designed for the enclosure of outdoor spaces – most typically restaurants. It comes with an embedded iron box which can be used as a flower pot or as seating. The device employs wheels which allow it to be removed and repositioned with ease. It is made of aluminum and glass – 8 to 10mm thick. The flower-pot is made of galvanized iron.

Usage and applications

Used mainly in restaurants as a separator from external areas – as well as in hotels, cafeterias etc.

Product benefits

  • Detachability: The glass windbreak system WBK-60-FP bears wheels, so that it can be easily moved around and stored.
  • Minimalistic aesthetics: Simple, contemporary design, which maximizes the glazing surface. Thin, discreet aluminum column.
  • Windbreak type
    Type of mounting
    Detachable with wheels


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