Sliding glass windbreak system MW 40

Usage: Outdoor spaces where perimetrical separators are required.

Operation: Lowering the upper glass-board the horizontal counterweight is lifted up.

Characteristics: Tempered glazing 8-10mm in thickness, discreet aluminum profiles.

Basic dimensions: Aluminum columns 40mm in width, 80 mm in depth, Horizontal counterweight of 120mm in width.
Sliding glass windbreak system MW 40
Sliding glass windbreak system MW 40
Sliding glass windbreak system MW 40
Sliding glass windbreak system MW 40


Product description

Moveable glass windbreak system designed for the coverage of outdoor spaces. Easy, manual use by using horizontal counterweight. The device employs aluminum profiles and glazing of 8 to 10mm in thickness. Lowering the upper glass-board, the horizontal counterweight is lifted, forming a glass parapet. Dimensions are dependent on the project’s requirements, with maximum advisable size 3m in width and 2.2m in height.

Usage and applications

Mainly used in restaurants as an outdoor separator. Can be used in cases where there is a roof, or simply as a windbreak system. Can also be used as a separator in office spaces.

Product benefits

  • Minimalistic aesthetics : Simple, contemporary design which maximizes the glass surface and makes use of thin, elegant aluminum profiles.
  • Design flexibility: Just as with any other Salinox product, the MW40 is constructed according to the required dimensions of each individual opening. In cases where the opening is too large, an additional glass fillet can be added at the top, to reduce the height of the parapet when the device is opened.
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