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Sliding glazed roof S-GR

Usage: In spaces where natural lighting and fresh air circulation are desirable.

Operation: At the press of a button, and system’s movable frames are slid upwards and positioned right under the fixed frame.

Characteristics: Double structural glazing, aluminum frame, electromechanical operation.
Sliding glazed roof SUNNY S-GR
Sliding glazed roof SUNNY
Sliding glazed roof SUNNY
Sliding glazed roof SUNNY
Sliding glazed roof SUNNY
Sliding glazed roof SUNNY
Sliding glazed roof SUNNY
Sliding glazed roof SUNNY
Sliding glazed roof SUNNY


Product description

The sliding glazed roof S-GR is one of Salinox’s most innovative products. It will allow you to make the best out of your space, under any weather condition, offering exceptional insulation and protection. Made of high quality primary grade aluminum alloy, it can withstand wind, water and snow loads, without jeopardizing your safety and comfort. Its folding panes are drawn upwards, freeing up as much of the roof’s surface as possible, allowing for an unobstructed view to the sky and usage of natural lighting, as well as replenished fresh air. The S-GR is made of heavy type cross-bars, which are equipped with a specially designed internal water runoff system, while its aluminum alloy parts can be anodized or painted with a wide range of electrostatic paints. The glass-boards are double – tempered and laminated – so that they are as safe as possible – while the outer glass-board is made with the “structural glazing” method, keeping the roof smooth and eliminating any possibility of water inflow. The sliding glazed roof consists of transverse aluminum bars, on which the system’s glass-boards are positioned. Electrical motors use belts, which slide the moving framed parts upwards, until they are parked into one another, thus freeing up the two thirds of the roof’s surface. The motion of the moving parts is quiet and smooth, thanks to the multiple ball bearing system they employ. The system uses structural glazing, which enables swift water-rain runoff, since the surface is always smooth and unobstructed – offering, apart from the technical advantage, a sensational feeling of crystalline affluence. The S-GR allows the maximum possible usage of panes, reducing the visual obstacles between indoor and outdoor environments. Electrical motors gently retract the glass panes upwards, exposing the two thirds of the opening, contributing to the aesthetic impression of the construction. Every moveable pane can be operated individually, allowing users to retract only parts of the overall coverage of the roof’s surface. The crossbars are 6m long, but can reach 8m if required. Any roofs beyond that length are constructed as gabled roofs

Usage & Applications

The sliding glass roof is an ideal solution for any space where indoor natural lighting and natural fresh air are important, such as hotels, restaurants, public buildings, residences and more. They are also ideal for creating skylights as well as incorporating into gardens or verandas, once coupled with one Salinox’s glass folding door or retractable window systems.

Product benefits

  • Smart choice of materials: High endurance materials – aluminum and glass – which can stand the test of time and offer safety and absolutely watertight results.
  • Bioclimatic construction: The Sliding Glazed Roof adds to making use of natural lighting, reducing the building’s energy consumption demands and limiting its carbon footprint.
  • Healthy environment: Making the best of the available natural lighting improves the users’ quality of life and promotes psychological health. Bringing in fresh, natural air from outside and using it to cool down our living space, is vital for good health – especially since spending increasingly longer amounts of time indoors.
  • Sensational ambience: Salinox’s S-GR roof, once combined with the correct type of glazing, contributes to better spatial light dispersion inside the building, creating a striking sensation of visual comfort, maximizing the space’s aesthetic components.
  • Innovative design: The transverse aluminum bars which make up the system, are equipped with a smart rainwater runoff system. The system also employs double glass-boards bonded together with a special method to form the so-called “structural glazing”. These two components are coupled together to create an incredibly smooth surface without any grooves or dents, which will perfectly protect the enclosed space from any possibility of inflow – and allow for much easier and cheaper cleaning.
  • Minimalistic aesthetics: Simple and contemporary design, which maximizes the glass surface area of the roof by using structural glazing.
  • Design flexibility: The sliding glazed roof S-GR can be constructed to any required dimensions of any individual building opening. Depending on the space’s needs, the number of frames and their positioning is determined. There is a choice between making a certain number of panels moveable (sliding) or not – so, for instance, to reduce the cost of materials, one can choose to make half the panes moveable, and keep the other half fixed, without affecting the visual harmony of the result
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