Doorson Zeno Slim Automatic door

Usage: As an entrance to a shop, ideal for busy, crowded spaces.

Characteristics: Automatic door with presence/motion sensor, bears 10mm thick tempered glazing.
Automatic sliding door
Automatic sliding door
Automatic sliding door
Automatic sliding doors
Automatic sliding doors
Automatic sliding doors


Product description

The Doorson Zeno Slim automatic door represents the new generation of automatic door technology. The device covers a range of solutions for indoor as well as for outdoor spaces. Upgraded, intelligent technology, offers continuous operation, reliability, low energy consumption and architectural design style. Contemporary, small-sized track guide, encapsulating digital operation, quite moving parts and sensors which guarantee operational safety, in accordance with world-wide legislation. The system includes (either optionally or not):
  • Dunkelmotoren motor
  • Infrared photosensor Horton HR-100 CT
  • Plastic mounting base for recessed sensor HR100
  • Microwave sensor Horton HR-50 - Motion sensor
  • Electromagnetic locks
  • Unblocking handle for electromagnetic locks SH3 Zeno Slim
  • Metallic key-switch
  • Remote control
  • Remote control receiver
  • Wired Optex OT-3 button
  • Card reader keypad
  • Key set or access cards
  • Usage and applications

    The Zeno Slim automatic door is the recommended solution for a number of applications, from shops and touristic spaces to pharmaceutical companies, chemical and food industries.

    Product benefits

  • Ergonomic design Zeno Slim’s smart technology allows easy operation of the system, while offering a number of choices, such as remote control, seasonal scenario settings etc.
  • Technical brochure



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