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H-shaped bar

Charateristics:Stainless steel 304 Ø30 tube satin texture, 1.2mm thickness. Bars can be constructed with additional mounting fitments. Bars with different dimensions can be manufactured upon request (Ø20, Ø25, Ø40) as well as with rectangular dimensions (30x30, 40x40, 60x20)

Ball knob Ø32mm

Characteristics: Ball knob Ø32mm.
Colors: satin/glossy.

USAF 690

Completely recessed mechanism into aluminum bar 4.445cm x 10.16cm and full hydraulic control with max 90°, 105° or 130° to all directions. Fully adjustable for every size and need. Independent valves for rotational and tension adjustment, easy to install and configure, and keep the mechanism safe from bad usage and ...

USAF 650

Adjustable Spring Tension from 23 Nm to 58 Nm. (EN3~EN6). Supports door weight up to 300 kgs, door width 1.4 meters. Efficiency up to 65%. Interchangeable spindle tips extension up to 50 mm. Swing speed from 180° to 15°, latch speed from 15° to 0°. Cement case 341 mm x 78 mm x 60 mm. Single action for fire door. Full ...

Indicator lock

Colors: natural & stainless steel anodization

USAF 635

Double action and single action. Wing speed and Latch speed are controlled independently by 2 valves. Full open 180°, Hydraulic control 110°. Speed adjustment valve can not be backed out of closer when adjustment that eliminates oil leakage from valves. 25Nm - 1000mm (medium) Box dimensions: 277mm x 130mm x 70mm

USAF 615

Economic type, good for door width up to 900 mm. Adjustable Swing speed and latch speed independently. Controlled by 2 valves. Box dimensions: 274 mm x 97 mm x 40 mm 20Νm - 900mm (light)

USAF 610

Double action. Interchangeable spindle tip, extension up to 50 mm. For all kinds of door bottom rails. Total hydraulic control with maximum opening angle 130° in each direction. Adjustment valves of swinging speed and latching speed are fully independent, which will save time of adjustment. Securely designed speed ...

USAF 600

Double action. Total hydraulic control with maximum opening angle 130° in each direction. Adjustment valves of winging speed and latching speed are fully independent, which will save time of adjustment.Securely designed speed adjustment valves protect Floor Spring from rough use or adverse weather conditions.The speed ...

Ball knob Ø30mm

Characteristics: Ball knob Ø30mm.
Colors: satin

Ball knob Ø30mm - dual

Characteristics: Ball knob Ø30mm.
Colors: satin

Recessed knob Ø55mm

Characteristics: Recessed knob Ø55mm.
Colors: satin

Ball knob Ø50mm

Characteristics: Ball knob Ø50mm.
Colors: satin/glossy

Glass windbreak system WB 30 FP

Usage: In outdoor spaces in need of perimetrical enclosure with separators, which can be removed with ease.
Characteristics: Tempered glazing, 10mm thick, discreet aluminum profiles.
Basic dimensions: Aluminum columns 30mm x 60mm in size. Flower-pot dimensions: 30cm deep, 55 cm high ...


Characteristics: Aluminum profile for the creation of recesses on gypsum board false-ceilings.


Adjustment without opening the case. Quickly put together with only 4 screws. Two independent oil circulation networks for the adjustment of the closing speed: one for angles 115° to15°, and from15° to 0°. Thermal stability upon order for constant volume in case of temperature flactuation, as well as for ...

USAF 806 lock

Characteristics: Floor lock 601

Lock 601

Characteristics: Lock 601 for sliding doors

“Π” lath 20x20

Characteristics: Lath for fixed glassboard support. “Π” lath 20x20 (5m rod).

Folding glass doors FB fr

Usage: Suitable for the enclosure of balconies and verandas on parapets.
Operation: Panes are slid and parked on the opening’s side – vertically to the opening.
Characteristics: Tempered glazing 10mm in thickness, floor rail guide, aluminum frames, polycarbonic joint covers, insulation ...

Folding glass doors FB cr

Usage: Suitable for balcony and veranda coverage, on parapet.
Function: Panes are pulled away and parked vertically on the side of the installation.
Characteristics: Tempered glazing (10mm thick), floor track rail guide, no aluminum framing, polycarbonate joint-covers, insulation with ...

Folding glass doors F7

Usage: Suitable for many occasions – mainly for openings of relatively low height (<280cm).
Functionality: Folding door system with parking space – every pane is removed and stored in a designated area.
Characteristics: Tempered glazing (10mm thick), parking usage, no floor rail guide, ...

Glass windbreak system WB 30 / 60

Usage: Outdoor spaces which need perimetrical separators.
Characteristics: Tempered glass-boards 10mm in thickness, discreet aluminum profiles.


Fully recessed mechanism, adaptable in nearly any condition. The mechanism’s small body allows usage where usage of larger mechanisms would be impossible. Mechanism’s adaptability allows its installation into shallow cement surfaces. Adjustable spring allows for the necessary adjustment for opening with and without ...

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