Revolving door RD3/4

Usage: Suitable for main entrances in professional spaces.

Characteristics: Three and four wing revolving doors RD3 and RD4.
Revolving door RD3/4
Revolving door RD3/4
Γυάλινη περιστρεφόμενη πόρτα RD3/4 - Revolving door RD3/4
Γυάλινη περιστρεφόμενη πόρτα RD3/4 - Revolving door RD3/4


Product description

Comfort, safety and economy Besam’s 3- and 4-wing compact revolving doors RD3/RD4 help to maintain a comfortable indoor climate and at the same time save energy costs. The RD3/RD4 com¬bines the advantages of a revolving door for the internal environment with the safety and security of an automatic door, at a cost more typically associated with manual revolving doors. The larger diame¬ters in the RD3/RD4 range are suitable for people carrying luggage, for example, at a hotel entrance. The smaller diameters provide an entrance door suitable for moderate pedestrian traffic. Safety the highest priority The door range combines safety and practicality with the safety of the user as its number one priority. To prevent injury, the drum edgesare equipped with soft safety edges. Standard safety features:
  • Compressible vertical safety switches placed on the drum edges
  • Speed control
  • Emergency break-out system (optional)
  • If an obstacle prohibits the rotation of the door the rotation will
  • Design

    The RD3/RD4 can be ordered in several different configurations depending on the customer’s needs. There are two options for the outer drum and three different types of door leaves to choose from, each with a different look and feel. Depending on the rail and panel options selected, the door can produce varying degrees of interior privacy. The RD3/RD4 is available in various sizes with flexible internal height and fascia height to match any building. All of our revolving door systems are made from Besam-designed aluminium profiles which can be anodized, powder-coated or stainless steel-clad. The drive mechanism is fitted on a frame above the laminated ceiling. The drive shaft bearing is fixed to the finished floor. Brushes seal the door tightly. The doors are designed to be placed and fixed directly onto the finished floor surface. No special foundations are required. For unfinished floors, a ground ring is available as an option.

    CDC Control system

    This unique and state-of-the-art control system was developed by Besam specifically for use with its products, and the result is a fully integrated entrance solution with no compromise in design or function. The system ensures lowest operating/maintenance cost, highest safety and best availability.

    During installation:
  • Automatic system check up
  • Fast and safe adjustments of all safety zones and speed settings
  • Short installation time

    During operation:
  • The RD3/RD4 can be equipped with a program selector with access codes to operate the door.
  • Connected directly to a computer, the RD3/RD4 can be remotely operated without special software:
  • Self-checking of safety systems
  • Real-time clock with programmable modes /functions
  • Automatic indication of service intervals
  • Performance measurements
  • Short stopping distances
  • Light switches off automatically in locked position.

    During service:
  • Automatic event log showing the 600 latest events.
  • Automatic diagnostics
  • Connected to Besam Service by phone/modem
  • Easy access by program selector or std. PC terminal
  • Short stopping distances
  • Remote fault finding
  • Speed control

    The maximum rotation speed is factory pre-set, but can be adjusted to suit different applications. The door cannot be manually rotated faster than the pre-set limit.

    Evacuation path

    By adding the emergency break-out system, a clear, unimpeded evacuation path through the revolving door can be achieved. The electromechanical release can be integrated with a fire alarm. This release also en¬sures that the door leaves collapse only when required and not under wind pressure. The break-out system can also be very useful under less dramatic circumstances, for example when bringing long objects through the entrance.

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