Shower cabin SH 75 52

Usage: Superposed shower or bath cabin.

Characteristics: When opening, two thirds of the total opening area is freed up. Glazing used is 8mm to 10mm thick.
 Shower cabin SH 75 52
 Shower cabin SH 75 52
 Shower cabin SH 75 52
 Shower cabin SH 75 52


Product description

The glass cabin SH7572 makes use of the 2/3 of the total width of the opening, to comfortable enter the shower. It uses two sliding glass-boards, and a fixed one; when the sliding glass-boards are slid away they are overlaid onto one another, finally aligning with the fixed one - ending up in one superposed set of three glass-boards. The peripheral aluminum profile come in natural anodization, stainless steel imitation, or can be electrostatically painted in a variety of colors and textures. The glazing is tempered, 8-10mm thick. Easy, quick installation, even on existing constructions. A smart way to renovate your space.

Usage and applications

Mainly for smaller openings, in smaller spaces, in bathrooms where making use of the largest possible area of the opening is needed.

Product benefits

  • Design flexibility: The glass shower cabin SH7572 is very flexible, as it can help to renovate a certain space, even if there are limitations.
  • Contemporary design: The design of the SH7572 cabin is perfectly suited for the aesthetic standard of contemporary buildings.
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