Sliding door SL 4050

Usage: Sliding glass door for internal spaces.

Characteristics: Installed under the door frame. Glazing 10mm in thickness.

Basic dimensions: Track guide width 40mm, 39mm in height. Glazing clamping profile height 50mm.

Sliding door SL 4050
Sliding door SL 4050
Sliding door SL 4050


Product description

The SL4050 is specially designed to clamp on glass-boards to form a glass sliding door. The track guide is 40x39 in size and is placed under the door frame. The glass-board is held by an aluminum profile of 50mm in height, and 32mm in width. The glazing’s thickness is 10mm. The door can be single or double winged, while when opening the door the glazing are slid inside the wall.

Usage and applications

The SL4050 is used for the formation of glass doors for indoor spaces. It is ideal for both residences and professional spaces (offices, shops, infirmaries and more).

Product benefits

  • Contemporary design: The glass sliding door offers a distinctive and contemporary aesthetic in either houses or professional spaces.
  • Technical brochure

    Mounting method
    Under the frame


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