Superposed sliding system SD 18

Usage: Sliding system suitable for the coverage of building openings with glazing.

Characteristics: Aluminum profile clamping on 10mm thick tempered glass

Operation: Manual operation during which the two thirds of the opening are freed up.
Sliding system
Sliding system
Sliding system
Sliding system
Sliding system
Sliding system
Sliding system


Product description

The superposed SD18 system consists of a perimetrical aluminum profile, in which three glass-boards are slid along. The system enables the opening panes to slide in both horizontal directions. The triple track guide is 18x19mm in size, while the glass clamping profiles are 50mm in size. The system works with 10mm glazing, on which handles of the user’s choosing are installed. Thin, 14mm aluminum profiles with sockets which support brushes are installed on the vertical sides of the glass-boards. The aluminum profiles come in natural anodization, stainless steel imitation, or can be electrostatically painted in wide range of colors.

Usage and applications

The superposed sliding system SD18 has numerous applications, covering building openings in semi-outdoor spaces, balcony or veranda enclosures and many others.

Product benefits

  • Design flexibility : The superposed sliding system offers remarkable flexibility, since it is constructed upon order to fit every building opening, fully adjusted to the needs of any individual installation
  • Contemporary design : The minimalistic, elegant design completely matches the austere aesthetics of contemporary buildings.
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