Glass door ST 50

Usage: Suitable for the creation of glass entrance doors.

Characteristics: Double, tempered, structural glazing (6m-50mm gap-6mm), Perimetric aluminum profile 40x80mm.
Frameless glass door
Frameless glass door
Frameless glass door
Frameless glass door


Product description

A remarkably robust construction, suitable for the creation of an opening door, allowing the influx of natural lighting, while offering a stylistic superiority wherever it is installed. It offers absolute security with electromagnetic locks, and insulation with synthetic brushes. It employs double, structural glazing (6m-50mm gap-6mm), and prime quality aluminum allow EN AW-6060-T66. Aluminum frame on the periphery 80x40mm in size.

Usage and applications

Suitable for main entrances in residential or professional spaces.

Product benefits

  • Contemporary design : The structural glazing and the absolutely discreet aluminum profiles of the device, offer contemporary, elegant aesthetics.


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