Folding glass doors F6 w

Usage: Mainly suitable for small building openings.

Functionality: Folding door accordion-type system – panes connected with hinges, pulling one away the rest follow.

Characteristics: Tempered glazing (10mm thick), connections with hinges, no aluminum framing, no floor rail driver, polycarbonic joint covers, insulation via brushes.

Basic dimensions: Upper and lower horizontal profiles 54mm, aluminum track rail driver 60x53mm.
Folding glass doors F6w
Folding glass doors F6w
Folding glass doors F6w


Product description

The F6w is a modular system designed for smaller openings, with minimalistic and elegant design features. Every pane is held by upper and lower aluminum profiles, and secured with locks or floor latches. The glazing’s dimensions can be adjusted considering the floor’s morphology and whichever other particularities of the installation. Its aluminum profiles can be painted in natural anodization, stainless steel or wooden texture imitation, or any other electrostatic RAL paint. Water tightness in between panes is achieved with transparent polycarbonate or aluminum fitments, in between the side-walls and the outer panes of the openings it is achieved by using vertical aluminum profiles bearing synthetic insulative brushes. The dimensions of the cross-section of the driver are 60x53(mm), while pane size can reach 90cm in width and 220cm in height (maximum pane weight at 50kg). Every pane bears 10mm tempered glazing.

Usage and Applications

The F6w folding door system was designed to use mainly indoors, for smaller openings, since the maximum allowable number of panes can be between two and 8. It is an ideal solution for cafeterias, restaurants and hotels, as well as shops, office spaces and residences.

Product benefits

  • Minimalistic aesthetics: Very thin glass-clamping profiles, without aluminum frames, large glazing surface.
  • Easy to use: Accordion-type functioning – pulling the first pane away forces the rest to follow.
  • Design flexibility: Several system design options, including panel hanging position: either centered on the aluminum guide, or on one side of the guide or on a specified distance. Panels can be gathered to either side, or half to the left and half to the right, with or without an opening door.
  • Low cost: Its thin horizontal profiles considerably reduce the construction cost of this system.
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    Storage methods (parking)


    Aluminum Profile
    Without thermal break


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